Are Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs Real?

When you want to represent your favorite food on the streets, you have a ton of options at your disposal. Tito's Vodka sells branded golf wear, McDonald's sells sponsored casual wear, and Red Lobster even has a signature sweater. While you can always show off your love for your favorite foods and restaurants, you might have a harder time getting ahold of some clothes branded with your favorite salad dressing. If Hidden Valley Ranch holds a special place in your heart, you can now welcome the ingredient into your wardrobe with a pair of breezy Hidden Valley Ranch Crocs.

According to Crocs, the shoes launch in late 2021 and come with a 90-day warranty, free shipping on orders over $49.99, and guaranteed hassle-free returns. The iconic shoes feature a white background dotted with a pattern that mimics the look of ranch dressing. No official swag comes complete without a signature brand, and luckily, these Crocs don't disappoint. The Hidden Valley logo prominently displays on the side of the footwear. If the mere existence of Hidden Valley Ranch-branded Crocs can't get you ready to pick up a pair, you have to hear about the extras that come with the shoes.

Crocs for ranch lovers everywhere

These unique Crocs don't just show off your love for ranch dressing. According to People, these clogs come with a selection of Jibbitz charms in the shape of foods people love to dip in ranch, including pizza, french fries, chicken nuggets, and vegetables. Crocs' collaboration with Hidden Valley comes as the second food-based collaboration the shoe company has embarked on. The ranch Crocs come on the heels of a KFC team-up that resulted in the sale of red and white bucket pattern Crocs that sold with a drumstick-scented Jibbitz. While the companies have yet to announce when you can start buying these new clogs, some lucky Crocs fans have already gotten their pre-orders in.

If you love the idea of repping your favorite ranch dressing with you wherever you go, make sure to stay on the lookout for these new shoes when they release later this year. With any luck, you could end up as one of the first fans to show off these soon-to-be iconic shoes that can turn heads anywhere they go.