This One Thing Makes A MasterChef, According To Aarón Sánchez

As a cooking contest, "MasterChef" is quite intense. As Delish relates, even getting through the auditions can be a really difficult experience. Former contestant Elise Mayfield recollected her audition experience, saying, "The chefs were tasting food and also critiquing, so people were getting critiqued on the spot which was not something I had expected. Then, on top of that, you're also talking to producers who wanna know what your personality is like" (via AV Club). Plus, proving your mettle on the show is a whole different ballgame. 

But the talented contestants on the show have never ceased to impress, taking on the challenges with grit and determination. Celebrity chef and judge Aarón Sánchez thinks that participants on the show have progressively improved with each season. He told FoodSided, "...I have to say I think the ability to pick things up and integrate techniques has really improved." He also complimented the contestants for their ability to make the most of their mentors on the show.

Being willing to learn is everything

Sánchez told FoodSided that for a contestant to really succeed on the show, it is essential that they focus on picking up as much as they can. He said that "being a good student is really the most important thing, if you can really soak up all that you're learning and put it into each dish you are going to go far."

Other skills that play a key role are resilience and natural talent. But the best way to be really impressive is to focus on becoming better in the kitchen and to pay attention to your mentors. Another tip? Sánchez reckons that it is also a good idea to concentrate on knowing what you're doing. As he explained, "Creativity is always praised but the execution and cohesion is sometimes where folks fall flat. If you're going to do something really out of the box it has to be amazing."