Why James Corden's 'Spill Your Guts' Segment Is Causing An Uproar

In the two weeks since Kim Saira uploaded a petition for "The Late Late Show with James Corden" to remove its "Spill Your Guts" segment on Change.org, it has accumulated tens of thousands of signatures. As of writing, the number is 43,579. The changes the petition seeks is for the show to either radically change the foods used or remove the section entirely, to have James Corden issue a formal apology, and to donate funds to Asian American organizations that are helping Asian American run businesses and restaurants.

The food segment typically focuses on feeding celebrity guests foods that Corden deems disgusting, if they attempt to dodge his question. The issue is that the platters sometimes consist of dishes from various Asian cultures. While such an overwhelming bias would be eyebrow raising at the best of times, it is especially worrisome when done in the shadow of rising Anti-Asian violence.

James Corden has responded to critiques of the segment

With over 40,000 signatories and growing, the petition is not something Corden and company can simply ignore. Insider reports that the host did comment on the issue during an interview on the "Howard Stern Show." Corden said he had heard about the story and that the next time they do the bit they won't involve any of those foods. "As you said at the start, our show is a show about joy and light and love, we don't want to make a show to upset anybody," the actor explained. So, he's sort of addressed the issue, but not really. Perhaps a more fulsome apology is coming. 

However, Corden did continue, expounding on what kind of food challenges the show would go with: "You know, look in the same way that when we played it with Anna Wintour, we gave her a pizza covered in cheeseburgers." So, instead of switching one culture that eats fish eyeballs, for one that eats the eyeballs of lambs, the show appears to have decided to play it safe by presenting food along the lines of squirting ketchup over mint ice cream or something of a similar nature.