Why Aarón Sánchez Thinks This Is The Most Difficult MasterChef Challenge

If there's one show that can keep nearly everyone hooked, it's "MasterChef." It's got a massive fan following of its own and has different editions across the world. One thing is certain: the show is hardcore and pushes its participants in many ways. One of the judges on the show, Aarón Sánchez, believes that what makes the show so special is the fact that all its participants get the chance to receive training and guidance under some of the most experienced chefs in the world. 

Sánchez told Mashed in an exclusive interview, "They're [participants] away from their families, so they're very much dedicated. A lot of these people leave their jobs to do this. It's the situation that we're very emotionally invested, and we want to see them, all of them, succeed." He added that it's immensely satisfying to watch so many talented participants succeed in fulfilling their culinary dreams.

All of the challenges are tricky, especially one in particular

Aarón Sánchez knows that competing on "MasterChef" is no cakewalk and requires participants to be prepared for a number of challenges. According to FoodSided, what's worth remembering is that the tasks are diverse, which means that chefs are tested in several different ways, with the hope that the contestants will find a way to overcome their weaknesses at some point in the competition. 

The competing chefs face a number of skills tests and challenges along the way, but Sánchez believes that the mystery boxes are incredibly tough to work with. He commented, "I think the mystery box is the most telling of what they have to show because they have to think on their feet and be able to pull things out of their culinary toolbox very quickly and effectively." That does sound a bit overwhelming, right? Each contestant receives the same ingredients and must prepare a dish using those ingredients — and only those. Participants have no idea ahead of time what kind of ingredients they'll have to cook with. According to Delish, there's no way to know beforehand, and the mystery box challenge is as genuine as it looks — contestants are as surprised as the audience with what they're given.