Here's What The Pioneer Woman Really Wanted To Name Her Daughter

Ree Drummond is a proud mama in the recent Pioneer Woman wedding special featuring the marriage of her daughter Alex to fiancee Mauricio. Throughout the special, sweet family moments are shared, including Drummond's story about where Alex was conceived: Sydney, Australia. While relaying the account, Drummond reveals that the name Alex Marie (via Famous Birthdays) wasn't always her top choice.

A Facebook post from 2020 shares the full story: "Happy Father's Day to my father-in-law, whom I love, my own dad, whom I adore, and my husband Ladd, pictured here with our first child (who was conceived on our honeymoon, btw ... sorry if that's TMI, we almost named her Sydney but changed our mind because we didn't want her to have to explain it her whole life)" (via Facebook).

While it might be TMI, The Pioneer Woman clearly loves revisiting that Aussie honeymoon, and you'll find multiple sweet stories throughout her longtime posts.

A story that grows with time

In a 2010 post, Drummond shares an anecdote about experiencing different accents in the place where Alex was conceived. The celebrity cook at the time wanted something simple – just a hamburger and ketchup. Says Drummond in her blog, "I guess my jetlag must have been really acute, because it took me about ten minutes to realize the poor Australian woman behind the counter was merely repeating and confirming my ketchup (kitchip) and (in) meat (mite) order" (via Pioneer Woman).

And as for Alex, will her destination honeymoon leave a lasting legacy? We've heard of stranger celebrity baby names, but we secretly hope the couple doesn't come back to introduce us to baby "Maldives" or "Layover Qatar" next year. Instead, we hope Alex and Mauricio enjoyed their exotic beach aspirations. "Our goal for the honeymoon is to lay on a beach and do nothing," as Alex shared (via Pioneer Woman).

Congratulations to the happy couple.