This Hilarious Toast Stole The Show At Alex Drummond's Wedding

As the maid of honor for her older sister Alex Drummond's ranch wedding to Mauricio Scott, Paige Drummond had her work cut out for her. Besides the usual duties of consulting on everything from the dress to the food, Paige had to serve up a wedding toast that would entertain the wedding's 570 guests — not to mention all of the Food Network viewers who would be tuning in to watch the Pioneer Woman's "Ranch Wedding" special on June 26. Luckily for Alex Drummond, her younger sister can bring down the house.

Back in November 2020, as noted by the Pioneer Woman blog, Paige Drummond joined an Instagram Live with her mother Ree to dish on the all-important speech. The Pioneer Woman expressed some concern for what her daughter might possibly say in front of all their friends and family, but Paige reassured her: "Everyone's so nervous because a lot of people say that I have no filter ... I don't really see that."

Of course, as viewers of the "Ranch Wedding" special saw, Paige Drummond might have less of a filter than she thinks. Taking the microphone at the wedding reception, Drummond quipped that she was having a tough time coming up with any original, kind things to say about Alex that her parents haven't already said because, "she really is the favorite child." 

The Drummonds shouldn't expect another wedding anytime soon

At one point in her wedding toast, Paige Drummond even got in a good jab at her parents. "Alex is the peacemaker and I'm the challenger," she said. "She has my mom's traits and I have my dad's traits." To which Ladd Drummond, ever the rogue cowboy, shouted from the reception table that he'd gladly claim her as his own.

It then seemed that Paige Drummond's speech might actually take a turn for the sentimental when she told her older sister what a daily inspiration she is. But not before boldly getting real with her new brother-in-law: "Mauricio, I love you too, but let me tell you ... you have one hell of a wife."

Wrapping up her toast, Drummond directed one last comment at her parents. "Finally, mom and dad, I want you all to enjoy this wedding because you're probably not going to be having another in the family for a while," she said. Naturally, Ree and Ladd Drummond were visibly relieved by this last joke. After all, Ree Drummond claimed she was "dead for two weeks," per Today, after putting together Alex's wedding. With the average cost of a wedding being about $28,000 as of 2019 (via The Knot), it's safe to say that the Drummonds are more than thrilled that Paige has no immediate plans for her own ranch wedding.