Here's How You Can Get Paid To Eat Pizza

Getting a paycheck to sample pizza sounds like the perfect dream and now, you might get the chance to live out this fantasy. Slice, a digital pizza sales and distribution app, has some big plans to get America eating more fresh-baked pies with your help. As part of the brand's P.I.E. Society Slice, the company wants to find the biggest pizza lovers in each state and get them chowing down this iconic Italian-American meal across their area. Slice needs to hire 50 representatives — one per state — to travel their region, try out pizzas, and blog about their favorite experiences.

If you get selected, you walk away with a year's supply of pizza, $500 to compensate for travel expenses, a mobile documentation kit, a bunch of Slice swag, special discounts available only to you, and an exclusive invite to a select community based around finding the best pizza. To qualify for this unique job, you have to really love pizza. You also have to love all styles, and passionately preach about your favorite local joints. The enthusiasm to share your best pizza experiences, gives you a major edge and could score you the job. 

The ultimate job for the ultimate pizza fan

If you know no one can match your passion for pizza that's layered in tomato sauce and cheese, make sure you meet the qualifications to join the P.I.E. Society. Qualified representatives need to have a minimum of 10 years of pizza-eating experience, must know how to properly microwave pizza, be at least 21 years old and actively use the Slice app, must always think about pizza, and know exactly how to fold up a slice of pizza before digging in (via Slice). If you feel ready to take the plunge and apply for this unique position, make sure to fill in the Slice application form and get ready to hear if you get the job by December 31 (via Lifehacker).

With a bit of luck and a lot of passion, you might get the chance to travel to your state and taste the very best pizza around. If you live for tomato pie and dream about the perfect slice, you have to get in on this amazing opportunity to take your food passion to the next level. After all, if you have devoted yourself to finding the very best slice, you deserve to get some very cool perks for all of your hard work.