Have People Really Left Their Own Photos At Cracker Barrel?

Internet challenges are weird. In the past decade alone, there have been a variety of food challenges that despite their food-focused nature, are anything but pleasant. The Cinnamon Challenge asked people to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon in 60 seconds without any water, leading the participant to cough profusely. The Cheese Challenge, while less harmful, involved flinging a piece of cheese at a baby and laughing hysterically as it stuck to a confused recipient. And the more recent Tide Pod Challenge had many worried, when teens dared each other to eat Tide Pods, which usually ended with the one taking the challenge heading to the hospital to have his stomach pumped (via The Washington Post). 

Clearly some challenges are more harmful than others, while some, like the Ice Bucket Challenge, which involved pouring a bucket of ice over oneself in order to spread information about ALS and raise money, are certainly more helpful than harmful. TikTok trends are similar, but tend to be a little less scary, mostly involving making trendy foods like Baked Feta Pasta or Whipped Coffee. So, what is up with the photo drop at Cracker Barrel and where does it fall on the challenge scale?

Is it normal to share your photos with your local southern food chain restaurant?

If you've been waiting for the newest weird TikTok trend to follow, your wait might be over. Snopes reports that after a few Cracker Barrel diners left behind framed photos of themselves and posted about it on TikTok, it may have started trending. If you haven't heard about Cracker Barrel's extensive collection of old items, it's time you learned about them. In addition to each restaurant having a variety of kitschy products for sale, each location also has their shops feature unusual antique items that represent the community that its located in. 

This latest TikTok trend takes advantage of that chaos, as customers are hiding framed photos of themselves among all of the other vintage items, with some even going so far as to convert them to black and white for a more antique feel. And while it's not the most ingenious or hilarious prank ever invented, if this harmless gesture is what makes you happy, it's a TikTok trend that shouldn't be hard to take part in.