How John Krasinski Feels About Your A Quiet Place II Snack Anxiety

If there's one thing that actor John Krasinski knows about his films, "A Quiet Place" and "A Quiet Place Part II," it's that the movies can be incredibly nerve-wracking for viewers. Especially because the entirety is eerily silent as part of the plot, and can be a tricky experience to navigate trying to sit completely still for the duration. In fact, many have felt downright wrong for making any kind of sound during a screening, and have wondered how to best snack on popcorn or open a bag of candy without providing a real disturbance during the experience. As Mashable reports, Krasinski totally understands this dilemma.

During a Q&A, the actor candidly mentioned that one fan brought up this exact obstacle to him. As he relayed, the fan told him, "You should know that I snuck in a bag of Skittles, and for 90 minutes, I was like this,'" said Krasinski, who then mimicked slowly opening a bag of candy, according to Mashable's recap of the event. "I knew that [lack of sound] would make people uncomfortable and make them feel something," the actor added. "But I had no idea it would make this conversation about not being able to eat." 

As the sequel continues to heat up theaters, Mashable came up with some approved snack options to conquer this feat.

There are safe and soft treats you can eat during the movie

According to Mashable, hungry viewers don't need to feel like they're out of options while watching "A Quiet Place Part II." In fact, the site came up with 42 approved snack options if you plan to go back to public theaters to see the flick — and they're some of the "softest, most silent snacks imaginable" to help you stay icongito.

As the article suggests, super soft and pliable marshmallows are great as are gummy worms or gummy anything for that matter — just make sure to unwrap the cellophane packaging BEFORE sitting down to enjoy the movie! Other suggestions include Twinkies snack cakes, Cool Whip, a can of frosting, and mashed potatoes or baby food if you're really feeling freaky. While popcorn is a no-no, the site says drinking the popcorn butter straight up might be a viable option. 

While some of the suggestions are incredibly bizarre and comedic — and will leave you wondering how to even sneak them into the theater — it's solid advice to avoid crunchy foods during a screening of this movie and also be sure to not slurp that soda either!