KFC Customers Are Loving This Unique Kubuqi Desert Location

KFC is big news in China — like really big. In fact, there are more KFCs in China than there are in America, with 6,000 restaurants in more than 1,100 cities across the country, compared to about 4,000 locations in the US as of 2020 (via The China Guys). One of the keys to this success is that KFC did an excellent job of tapping into local culture with their China-based establishments, says the website. Among these key feats is a menu that has an average of 50 items to order, compared to American counterparts offering about 29 items — the greater number in Asian locations allows for more varied options and regional specificity. For example, KFC's best-selling breakfast item in China is actually congee — a type of rice porridge popular in the country.

And these tastes are adjusted region by region and guided by Chinese-speaking and Taiwanese-born managers, instead of foreign-born, non-native speakers relocated from other countries. Another of the keys to Chinese Kentucky Fried success is an ability to blend in with the local architecture — a trait that is most prominently displayed at the Xiangshawan location, also known as Whistling Dune Bay, locatd in Inner Mongolia within the Kubuqi Desert (via The Takeout). Here, KFC diners can even grab some fried chicken in a yurt, says What's on Weibo, to go with the desert theme.

KFC's cultural touches have been applauded

Weibo users (China's version of Facebook) can't get enough of this fun, culturally cognizant KFC and have flooded social media with pictures. Many users have commented on how much they enjoy KFC's attempts to blend in with local culture and architecture, noting this terrain (China's first desert resort) is not an area where other fast food chains have made the effort. The yurt itself has a white, stretched tent across the dome with red and white stripes in the KFC signature style. There's also a red-framed door and window and a red and white sign spelling KFC in Chinese characters with a picture of the Colonel. 

And while the architecture is great, some may wonder, what about the food? According to the KFC Mongolia online menu, patrons of the chain can enjoy many of the same fried chicken with coleslaw entrees as we do in the states (via KFC Mongolia). Thirsty buyers can also add a bubble tea or sea buckthorn juice to their order. Egg tarts are sold alongside ice cream cones on the dessert menu. And instead of a mashed potato bowl, diners can try an egg bento set for a combo meal.

Culturally conscious food choices always make us happy, and what could be more fun than this great KFC setup. It's finger-lickin' good in a whole new way.