This Gross TikTok Hack Uses Garlic For The Most Bizarre Reason

We all know that garlic is a tasty ingredient that can be used to improve the flavor of just about anything. From meat and pasta to eggs and grilled portobello mushrooms, adding a sprinkle of garlic or a minced clove can enhance almost any dish. Garlic is also known to have many health benefits. According to Healthline, garlic has many medicinal properties, and could possibly help reduce cold and flu symptoms, boost the body's immune system, lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, and can even help you live longer. But is there a way to reap some of its health benefits without having to eat it at all? According to TikTok, there is. 

TikTok user @hwannah5 has introduced a new way to use garlic — and it involves skipping the plates entirely. According to the viral new video, they claim that putting cloves of garlic directly into their nostrils will help clear out any congestion and open up your sinuses.

This TikTok claims garlic cloves can help clear your sinuses

The TikTok video was captioned with a warning about snot (they weren't kidding). They claimed, "This is not dangerous. the garlic just clean your sinuses out." And while it looks to be effective, the warning is also definitely necessary, because although it certainly looks to have cleared out their sinus passages, it is also quite unappealing to look at. It's probably not something you would want to do around other people.

User @hwannah5 clarified in the hashtags that the video was meant for comedic purposes, and is not intended to be real medical advice. The video racked up 4.5 million likes on TikTok and has been shared 278.5 thousand times, so many people certainly appreciated the gross-out humor. However, it is probably best not to try this hack at home. While garlic cloves may help clear out sinuses, there are probably many more effective and less gross ways to do so, such as simply taking a sinus-clearing medicine or even eating garlic the normal way. So perhaps it's best to leave this hack to comedians and simply go back to enjoying garlic with meals.