The Chick-Fil-A Drive-Thru Etiquette Rule Fans Can't Agree On

When you're itching to fulfill a fast food craving, few things in the world work as well as Chick-fil-A, a reliable fast food chain that has been a fan favorite for many years for foodies in the U.S. As popular as Chick-fil-A is, it seems like the brand isn't always able to make its customers happy. A Redditor recently wrote about their drive-thru experience at the restaurant, recounting a series of surprising events that left them feeling fairly confused.

The Redditor visited a Chick-fil-A outlet, something they hadn't done in a while, and felt unsure about what to order. They wrote, "Since Covid, I've seen [Chick-fil-A] employees standing outside taking orders. I decided to visit for the first time in years and forgot what meals and shakes they had. I drive up to a lady and she's very nice." 

The customer requested to take a look at the menu options, something that surprisingly irked the employee. She explained that the employees' tablets only have photos of dishes, not entire menus.

Customers are divided about this situation

The Redditor went on to write that when they requested to take a look at the menu, the Chick-fil-A staff member said that she'd have to step back inside and process the order through a speaker, something that would lead to a delay and cause inconvenience to other customers. The customer didn't budge until the Chick-fil-A staffer agreed to help. The Redditor wrote, "Why is it a bad thing to ask for a menu? Please don't expect everyone to know what they want before they even see the menu. Some of us are new."

Others weren't sure about this perspective. While one Chick-fil-A employee said that the person taking the order should have actually made it a point to remember the items on the menu and make suggestions accordingly, others said that it's easy enough to take a look at the menu through the brand's app in advance. A commentator wrote, "...Get the damn app. The inside is closed, know what you want when you enter the line. I preorder and prepay. Like smart people do." Someone else said that this is really unfair to those who may not be able to get access to digital menus. Their suggestion? Plastic laminated menus. They further mentioned, "...This is an updated requirement from corporate. If that wasn't available at your location, it may be a training issue." Eep.