What Chris Hemsworth Eats In A Day To Maintain Thor's Godly Figure

Staying in shape can feel tough on the best of days, but training and dieting to get the body of a god seems downright impossible. Chris Hemsworth had to undergo a full body transformation when he first took on the role of Marvel's "Thor" back in 2011, and the results speak for themselves (via Food Network). Hemsworth had to supplement a weightlifting regimen with surfing, yoga, and Muay Thai, in order to bulk up and build agility. With so much physical activity in his daily schedule, the superhero actor needed a diet that could handle the extreme workout. 

His personal trainer pushed proteins, and at first pushed animal products. Eventually, Hemsworth embraced vegan sources of protein, favoring veggie burgers and beans, eating up to six meals a day. This eating plan expanded to eight meals a day in order to get the most amount of gains for the role of Thor (via Eat This, Not That!). This added up to a 450 calorie meal every two hours, in order to regularly maintain his energy levels. He also started every day with a green shake filled with five or six leafy greens, nuts, fruits, fat, and a bit of salt.

A diet fit for a god

While Hemsworth originally embraced a vegan diet in order to glean as much protein as possible, his current eating plan looks a bit different. He currently relies on red meat in order to get the gains he needs, but limits the food to daytime only and occasionally after an evening workout session (via Eat This, Not That!). While the actor's diet has slightly shifted over time, his workout regimen of extreme weight lifting multiple times a day keeps him fit, bulked up, and ready to consume up to eight meals in a 24 hour period.

So, if you get offered the part to play a god in a film, consider Hemsworth's diet before agreeing to any role. Through extreme workouts and a heavy meal schedule with a ton of control, the actor transformed himself into the classic image of the God of Thunder and helped cement his likeness in the minds of moviegoers everywhere. Next time you take on the challenge of dropping some pounds, take heart in knowing that you too have the potential to transform yourself into Thor with the proper meal and workout plan.