Don't Believe This Scary Walmart 'Sedative Spray' Myth

A trip to Walmart can sometimes prove to be more than you signed up for. Nude shoplifting, spur of the moment weddings, and even pregnant women unexpectedly giving birth have all occurred randomly at Walmart locations in the past 10 years (via Listverse). In comparison, the latest worrying news coming out of Kentucky makes all of these past experiences pale by comparison. According to USA Today, a post from Facebook claimed that a woman in Florence, Kentucky, felt dizzy after walking through a spray that two men dispersed in front of her. 

The woman said that after feeling dizzy, she proceeded to get in her car and noticed the same two men following her. She quickly drove away and notified police, who allegedly said three other women called in, reporting the same experience. The terrifying post had followers up in arms about the alleged experience, but luckily, authorities have chimed in with what actually went down.

What did the victim actually experience at Walmart?

If a Walmart trip seems too scary to handle, take heart in knowing that the Facebook user fabricated the entire story. According to USA Today, authorities announced that no women have called in with any such claim and immediately followed up with the woman that posted the story on social media. She confessed to making up the events and based the story on her friend, who didn't feel well after a Walmart shopping trip. 

"[The creator of the post] stated that she overheard someone speaking to a friend of hers about not feeling well at Walmart but had no first-hand knowledge of any of this information," Capt. Gregory Rehkamp of the Florence Police Department told the outlet. "What is contained in this Facebook post did not happen, and (her friend) never called the police."

If you live around this area of Kentucky and haven't visited Walmart out of fear of a similar occurrence, there's no need to worry. Authorities also pointed out that many baseless claims centered on attacks at Walmart have quickly been debunked. Despite any notorious stories you may have heard, you can almost guarantee your Walmart run should end up as a fairly normal shopping experience.