The Bachelorette's Tyler Cameron Swears By This Uncommon Breakfast Sandwich Condiment

The name Tyler Cameron was everywhere after his featured bachelor status on Hannah Brown's "Bachelorette" season. He famously came in second to Jed Wyatt, a move Glamour magazine calls "one of the worst choices in 'Bachelorette' history." But despite the turn-down he received on screen, he is anything but wanting now, with sites like the Daily Mail constantly commenting on his ability to melt hearts by wearing just a simple white T-shirt.

Bachelor Nation highlighted his usual diet, noting that outside of his beloved cookies, his daily intake consists of a pre-workout drink in the morning, followed by "a breakfast protein smoothie that he dubs 'Jupiter Juice,' (named after his hometown Jupiter, Florida) as well as 'Blue Magic, Blue Love, Blue Ocean.'" Lunch involves "a 'Pub Sub,' a sandwich from the beloved supermarket Publix." Dinner is when he fires up the grill to cook "a perfect rib eye." All sounds normal, right? So what could he be putting on his breakfast sandwich that's causing such a ruckus?

It's not ketchup, salt, or pepper

The Pantry Boys duo had the much-lauded personality on their podcast and when they mentioned that they put ketchup on their breakfast sandwiches, Cameron practically gagged on cue. His disgusted manner was followed quickly by his mention that "you deserve to get removed from the Pantry Boys for putting ketchup on your breakfast sandwich." So what does he top it with?

"Put yellow mustard on a breakfast sandwich", he dares them, calling the ketchup, salt, and pepper that the Pantry Boys suggested "a rookie move." He added they've got to graduate to mustard, which he claims is the more daring and smart option. While mustard is great on hot dogs, many don't really consider the condiment average for breakfast sandwiches. Bon Appetit's "Best Breakfast Sandwich" mentions adding hot sauce and honey, but not mustard. So should mustard be considered, or is Cameron not thinking straight?