Andrew Zimmern Is So Embarrassed By This Story He Almost Refused To Share It

Obviously, everyone has embarrassing moments from time to time. But when a television star gets caught off guard by an interviewer, the embarrassing memory might become all the more uncomfortable in the run-around to avoid telling the story. At least, that's what seems to have happened to Andrew Zimmern in an episode of a "Hot Ones" tribute show on YouTube.

This particular episode was long enough that it was actually split into two parts. That means the second part picks up with the very first question being about Zimmern's most embarrassing story, which apparently happened in a Roman hotel room. It was something he didn't want to share to the point that he actually said he refused to divulge the story, before caving and telling the basic gist of the memory. He clearly must have accepted that the ill-fated night was open for the world to imagine because he even shared it as a clip of "the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened" to him on Twitter.

Andrew Zimmern didn't even give the full details

When the question was first posed to Zimmern on the YouTube episode: "What was the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to you in a Roman hotel room?" He instantly shut down with a look of shock and embarrassment. Red-faced from the hot sauce, all he could say was "wow" initially. He followed that by simply saying, "Well, played. Patrick knows the most embarrassing thing to have happened to me in a Roman hotel room." Of course, co-host Patrick was laughing away in response. Then Zimmern said, "I'm going to choose not to tell that story."

But after trying another hot sauce and having a heat-filled moment to think on it a little more, Zimmern came around to give the fewest details on what happened as possible. According to the host, he had eaten too much of something that did not sit well with him, which resulted in a restless night of dreaming that he was drowning. As it turned out, he had "lost control of [his] battered bowls in a Roman hotel room" and must have soiled the bed to some degree. To top it all off, he added at the end of the story that he wasn't alone in the bed. When it comes to embarrassing moments, it probably doesn't get much worse than that.