Chipotle Is Giving Away Free Burritos During The NBA Finals. Here's How To Get One

The NBA finals are underway, and Chipotle has pulled a promotional move that will ensure that viewers stay glued to the screen. After all, from tonight's game all the way through the final game of the finals, free burritos are on the line.

Good Morning America writes that at some point during the commercial breaks, Chipotle will air an advertisement that ends with a keyword. If you text that keyword to 888-222, you could win a free burrito. For the second game, there are 10,000 burritos waiting for the first 10,000 texts. For the third on Sunday, 20,000 wait, and for the fourth on Wednesday, 30,000 wait. Good Morning America estimates the value of these burritos to be up to $1 million.

If the fourth game ends with both teams having won twice, the promotion continues with 40,000 burritos ready for game five and 10,000 for the final possible two.

These weren't the only free burritos from Chipotle this month

On July 6, Chipotle brought attention to this promotion by tweeting a question about whether people had seen the game. However, a common response from followers was that the line at the restaurant was already too long to enjoy the free burrito. The problem was that the free burritos won via the NBA promotion were not the only free burritos Chipotle offered that day.

On July 6, if you went to Chipotle and said "Friends BOGO" to the cashier, you would have received a free additional entrée. According to Chipotle's press release, this was somehow part of their effort to encourage people to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. In practice, this meant that two groups of people seeking free food from the chain congregated into hour long lines during pandemic conditions. 

The BOGO burritos were a one-day event, though. If you now want free burritos from Chipotle, you had better watch the games.