The Internet Is Not Okay With This Bizarre Airport Mai Tai

Few drinks are as associated with a tropical vacation than the mai tai cocktail. As the go-to drink of tiki bars, it was first created at the Polynesian-themed Trader Vic's in the 1940s by owner Victor "Trader Vic" Bergeron (via The drink is possibly based on a prior recipe from the '30s by Donn Beach at his Don the Beachcomber restaurant. It's a mix of good rum, orange curaçao, lime juice, and almond-based orgeat syrup, then garnished with flowers or fruit, such as pineapples and cherries. The name itself means "the best — out of this world" in Tahitian, notes.

However, Reddit is losing its collective mind over a recent post of a mai tai being served in a can of Spam at a Poke to the Max location within Sea-Tac Airport. Garnished with a lime wedge and maraschino cherry, it's actually not the only cocktail they serve in Spam cans! Poke to the Max is the brainchild of Kailua-Kona-based Hawaiian celebrity chef Sam Choy, and first started life as a Seattle-based food truck, but now has multiple locations in Washington and California.

However, it also makes a lot of sense, as Spam's connection to Polynesian cultures has a long history. Given to soldiers in the Pacific during World War II as rations, Time reports, it made its way to Hawaii, where Redditor Goldeniccarus notes it was in such abundance that soldiers traded it with the locals for souvenirs. It then made its way to the Pacific islands, where Time notes that wartime rationing made it a staple for the locals there as well.

Redditors had mixed responses to the presentation

The response to the Reddit post varied significantly. While some people were disgusted, a lot of people understood the premise. "That's so gross!" BONE_SAW0064 exclaimed. "I think it's gross, but I get the idea, considering Mai Tai's are tiki drinks, and Spam is or was extremely popular in Hawaii," wrote one poster. However, Redditor catwok responded, "Yeah, but they don't serve Mai Tai's in spam cans in Hawaii — afaik." "I mean, their [SIC] just recycling. It's not like they are getting a used can that hasn't been washed," Simple FNG pointed out.

Others were focused on the limited amount it could serve. Poster dewayneestes didn't like it, "Because that's TOO SMALL!!!!!" Another pointed out, "It would be fine if the spam can was thrice the size. This is just too small for flying days."

However, there were fans of the idea as well. SnooOwls7978 stated, "I like this... I know I'm wrong." Others concurred, replying, "You're not the only one, I think it's really neat, too," and "I'm adding this to my list of drinks to order, ha. I love this!" The potential for the can to change the flavor was actually a bonus for some. "Not only do I like it, I secretly hope there's a bit of spam salty taste added to the drink." Redditor drowse concurred, "It would go well with the spam sushi I had last weekend at a local Hawaiian joint. Real tasty."