This Brand Has The Best Hard Seltzer According To 38% Of People

While the summer of 2020 was anything but normal, there was one thing to come from the season that has remained a new norm. It's the rise of hard seltzer. For the past year, people have been absolutely crazy about flavored hard seltzers thanks to their lower caloric value, refreshing carbonation, and drinkably low alcohol content. Now that other beverage brands have had a chance to catch up, the market is just about flooded with hard seltzer options. Mashed took a poll to find out which brand is leading the way.

There were 637 voters in the United States who responded to the poll that Mashed conducted, which had six hard seltzer options to choose from. Those options included White Claw, Vizzy, Truly, Bud Light, Corona, and Michelob Ultra. The results were fairly separated by several votes up, but there was one clear favorite that won far more votes than the other options.

This was the favorite brand of hard seltzer

In very last place was Michelob Ultra's seltzer, with just 6.44% of the vote from 41 people. The runner up for last place was Vizzy with 8.16% of the vote from just 52 people. The middle tier results included Bud Light and Corona. Bud Light's hard seltzer received 10.68% of the vote, meaning 68 poll respondents found it superior to the others. Corona stepped up the ladder and secured third place, with 17.43% of the vote. That's a total of 111 people that selected Corona as their favorite hard seltzer.

It should be no surprise that White Claw and Truly ended up as the top two choices duking it out for the title of favorite hard seltzer brand. However, Truly came in second place by no small margin, with just 19.15% of the vote. That's 122 people — just 11 more votes than Corona. White Claw remains the favorite hard seltzer brand, netting 38.15% with a total of 243 people voting for it in Mashed's survey. Though White Claw didn't take a majority of the vote, it's still clinging to its title as king of hard seltzer.