Aldi's Summery New Mini Cheesecake Flavors Have Fans Drooling

Aldi has great news for cheesecake fans. While the classic sweet and creamy dessert doesn't really need anything extra to make it taste delicious, it is also the perfect vehicle to mix in fruits and add toppings or other flavors. Ingredients like chocolate swirls or raspberries have long been added to the decadent dessert to make it even more flavorful, but Aldi is taking the concept of flavored cheesecakes to a new level with the release of their new Belmont Cheesecake Bites. 

Their Belmont frozen mini cheesecakes are made with a creamy cheesecake filling, light graham cracker crust, and are completely free of artificial colors and high fructose corn syrup. These thaw-and-serve desserts come in three unique, summery flavors: a bright and citrusy Blood Orange, a light, fruity Cherry Blossom, and a rich Peanut Butter Cup, which comes with mini peanut butter cups and chocolate ganache atop a decadent chocolate crust (via Aldi). These mini cheesecakes deliver a tasty twist on the classic cheesecake, and are the perfect way to top off any summer meal.

Aldi shoppers couldn't wait to sample the new cheesecake flavors

The popular Instagram account @aldi.mademedoit made a post alerting their followers to the new find, asking: "Holy Moly all these flavors sound so good...Also they're mini which means you really could buy more than one...Which flavor do you have your eye on?!" Many of their followers were excited to give all of these decadent new flavors a try. Follower @im_slic_ric replied: "Wow the blood orange sounds so light and refreshing!" Instagram user @eat.drink.love_dfwtx responded as well, saying: "The Cherry Blossom looks delicious," while @mamab68 chimed in with "Pb cup of course!!!!" But perhaps follower @nicolecafe_ said it best when they posted: "I must try all of these!!"

The best part is, each box of mini cheesecakes sells for just $4.99, so you'll definitely want to pick up one of each (via Aldi). But these summery flavors are a seasonal Aldi find, which means they won't be on shelves for long, so you won't want to wait to head to your local Aldi and give these unique new cheesecake bites a try for yourself.