61% Of People Always Avoid This Item At Dollar Stores

No one enters a dollar store expecting quality, whether that is in their products or their business practices. But equally, since expectations have gone subterranean, shoppers actively avoid some items. To discover which item people spurned the most, we polled 645 U.S. residents and the results might surprise you. 

The one product most people felt confident in buying was soda, with only 5.58% of voters stating that they would always avoid this item. Condiments and chips, both of which received 6.20% of the vote, may be slightly less flavorful, but not terribly so. Similarly with cheese, which 7.44% would never buy. The second most scorned item was milk, with 13.18% of people saying they would never buy the dairy product from a dollar store. In fact, you should probably never buy any of these foods at the dollar store. Either the drop in quality is too great, or the amount sold for a $1 proves more expensive than it would be if you bought a greater quantity for a little bit more.

You might want to pass on this protein at a dollar store

By far the least likely thing anyone would buy from a dollar store is frozen meat, which recieved 61.40% of the vote. Fair enough. After all, even with the artificially low prices created by the government's support of the meat industry, meat is still expensive, so one wonders how on earth a dollar store manages to get meat on the cheap. WCPO, Cincinnati's local ABC station, actually decided to discover where these meats come from and whether we miss out due to our prejudice. Spoiler — we don't. 

"A lot of times what you are dealing with utility tenders, might be bulls, or a lower grade of beef," Len Bleh, co-owner of Avril-Bleh Meat Market, explained to the outlet. A utility cut is a bottom tier cut of meat used in institutional kitchens. When tasting the meat, the consensus was that it wasn't terrible and was probably meat, but definitely chewy and lacking the flavor of a proper cut. So, if you want to treat yourself to a steak, you would be better off splurging on an expensive cut.