The Internet Can't Stand This Aldi Australia Sign Inconsistency

There are a lot of things Aldi is known for: inexpensive groceries, allowing their cashiers to sit in chairs, intense efficiency, and cart rentals. Yet, apparently, sign consistency isn't one of those things. At least not in Australia.

According to, a local father recently shared a photo of some signs in his neighborhood Aldi, noting that its lack of coordination was now impossible to unsee. He posted the image on an Aldi fan page, sharing that his son was the one who actually discovered the inconsistency and pointed out the "mismatched" signs. 

The shared photo showed a freezer aisle in the popular grocery store with the sign reading "Snack & Pies" at the top, but "Pies & Snacks" directly below. 

But it wasn't just the dad and son duo that couldn't stand the signs, commenters on the original post flocked to share the incompatible signs bothered them just as much. "Omg ... I can never go back to not knowing that now," one person commented. "My OCD is so triggered right now," another wrote.

Another Aldi sign inconsistency was noticed

To make the situation even worse, one person pointed out that in the top sign, Aldi used the singular "snack," but the plural "snacks" in the second iteration of the sign, per The detail was even missed by the original poster when he wrote, "My son pointed out to me that it says 'Snacks & Pies' at the top but 'Pies & Snacks' at the bottom."

While the internet sleuths worked to find the source of the mistake, some believing it was just an error between old and new signs and others convinced it was a deliberate marketing tactic, the grocery store didn't respond to a request for comment from Australian reporters.

Despite not providing an answer to the mysterious inconsistent signs, the whole incident seemed to supply some humor and fun to people's day, with some even saying they were excited to get back to an Aldi to look out for the error in person.