What Really Inspired Raven-Symoné's Weight-Loss Journey

Actor Raven-Symoné is perhaps best known for entertaining the world with her show "That's So Raven." That said, she has plenty of impressive acting credits to her name (via IMDb). The star has also been in the news recently for losing a lot of weight — something that she consciously decided to do in a bid to take care of her health. 

Per Eat This, Not That!, the actor reached her turning point after visiting a doctor and finding out that the situation was scary. She mentioned on Australia's "Today Show," "My numbers came back and it scared the bejesus out of me. I've always dealt with weight my entire life ... surpassing 200 pounds at some points, going under 150 at other points."

After the appointment, she felt concerned enough about her health to bring it up with her wife, Miranda Maday, and told her that she needed to switch things up. "There was a moment recently where I sat down with my wife and I was just like, 'This has to stop,'" Symoné added. The actor then came up with a plan that was doable for her. 

Raven-Symoné used several techniques to achieve her goals

Per Eat This, Not That!, one of the first things Raven-Symoné decided to do was switch to an eating style that was low in carbs and high in fat. She said that this trick helped her stay full for longer periods of time. Along with "lots of fasting," Symoné also started exercising on a regular basis and learned to let go of stress. As Symoné told Australia's "Today Show," "As soon as I stopped hating things around me and my cortisol went down, I was able to not rely on carbs as much and take away all of those things that were really pushing my insulin levels to the point of no return, creating an insulin resistance in me that is very dangerous for future health."

Symoné also said that therapy, her fulfilling relationship, and approaching things differently really helped bring down her stress levels. She also did not rely on a "particular weight goal" and gauged her fitness levels in other ways. She gave an example: "What I look at is: Am I able to walk up a flight of stairs without huffing and puffing?"

For her, being healthy and prioritizing her well-being is the ultimate goal. She explained, "I'm not trying to hit a goal number, I'm just trying to stay healthy." What an inspiring mindset, huh?