M&M's New Crunchy Peanut Butter Is Turning Heads

Either rich and creamy or crunchy and chunky, there's no denying that peanut butter makes everything better. From sweet chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, to savory Thai Noodles and the quintessential American PB&J, this versatile spread complements myriad flavor profiles and is the star ingredient in a large variety of dishes. As if we needed more reasons to love this comfort food, peanut butter is considered "a healthy choice" (via All Recipes). The nutty treat is similar to olive oil when it comes to its fiber, protein, and unsaturated fat to saturated fat ratio, and it "fills you up (and keeps you feeling full) without piling on calories." There are so many interesting ways you can use peanut butter, and some you may never have thought of.

For all you peanut butter aficionados out there, all of your dreams just came true. Mars Inc., the parent company of M&M's, just released a new limited-edition peanut butter that we're going nuts over — and you will too.

You can order this limited-edition peanut butter right now

The only thing better than peanut butter is peanut butter with M&M's! From Orange Vanilla Creme to Hazelnut Spread M&M's, the beloved chocolate company has wowed us time and time again with unique flavors, but the release of the M&M's Peanut Crunchy Peanut Butter Spread has got to take the cake. As you probably guessed, this delicious spread is loaded with peanut M&M's and combines "salty peanut butter" with "colorful, crunchy candy, bits of chocolate, and real peanuts" (via Taste of Home). While this sweet spread might not pair as well with savory dishes, it is going to be a game changer for desserts and a fantastic midnight snack.

Before you speed over to the grocery store, this all-new crunchy spread is only available in the U.K. right now. But don't cry into your pillow just yet! You can order a 225 gram jar of this delicious goodness from some online retailers. Once it's arrived at your front doorstep, don't be ashamed to eat a spoonful straight out of the jar — your secret is safe with us.