The Reason Filming 'Pig' Was So Emotional For Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage may be known for action movies. Yet, his new movie, which revolves around the loss of the main character's beloved truffle-sniffing pig, could truly be one of his most emotional of all time. 

"Pig" dabbles into the deep world of love and loss and uses the relationship between people and pets to represent it. Cage recently explained that through his experience of love and loss, he was able to tap into the character and use his own emotions, rather than rely on regular acting. He honed in on his own deep bond with his cat to really let the emotions flow. 

"I had already had bad dreams about what I would do if I lost Merlin, my cat," Cage said in an interview with GQ. "I had nightmares. And I told this to Michael, the director. I said I already have it in my psyche, in my imagination, in my emotions. I know how to play this part without acting."

It's not only about the pig

If you think "Pig" is only about the bond between a human and a pet, you are mistaken. It is about the memories that are unlocked with culinary cues, both good and bad, and with no time constraints. This made it even more emotional for Nicolas Cage, as he was able to tap into some of his past losses through bites. 

"I remember when I was nine years old, [my dad] brought home a bucket of KFC and a bucket of champagne. I'll be darned if that wasn't the best taste combination I've ever had," he recalled during the GQ interview. 

And, he adds, "When I was even younger, he said 'Take this goat cheese and have this glass of red wine and sip it, now isn't that something? Doesn't that taste linger? Don't you appreciate the after-taste? Do you see how the red wine and the goat cheese go together, Nicolas?'"