Nearly 40% Of Wine Drinkers Would Never Touch This Cheap Brand

WTSO reported that as of 2014, "the United States became the largest wine consuming nation in the world." That already high number has stayed high; survey site Statista reports that from 2010 to 2015, wine consumption in the US stayed the same, at about 2.7 gallons a year. Talking Retail found that wine has a similarly strong presence in the UK, noting that "A third (32%) of UK adults who drink alcohol say wine is their favourite alcoholic drink," beating out beer and all types of spirits. Talking Retail also notes wine consumption in the UK went up even further during the pandemic.

Wine Folly rounded up the 10 most popular varieties of wine, with Cabernet Sauvignon taking the lead, followed by Merlot, Airen, and Tempranillo. And while wine is most certainly a popular adult beverage choice, there is no denying some brands are more lauded than others. Even the most avid wine drinker may turn down a brand they don't like. So which ones polled at the bottom when wine fans were surveyed?

Wine drinkers have had enough of Chuck

No matter the drinker, certain wines are an acquired taste, and some tastes are just never acquired. When Mashed surveyed 637 respondents within the US about their least favorite brand of cheap wine, there was a clear loser. That loser was Charles Shaw, better known as Two Buck Chuck. Surprisingly, the beloved Trader Joe's brand, which Business Insider notes "continues to be popular with thrifty wine shoppers" despite the fact that it is actually $3.99 now, is the brand about 40% of surveyees note they would never dare to drink.

The next least appealing cheap wine brand was Yellow Tail with about 17% of the vote, then Barefoot with 16%. The two brands people seemed to not mind much were Carlo Rossi, with 15% of the vote, and Sutter Home, with 12%. Now this can all be taken with a grain of salt as taste is fairly subjective, but there has to be a reason that people aren't willing to drink a wine that is supposedly so beloved, especially at such a low price point. Sometimes you do in fact get what you pay for.