Morgan Neville Reveals The Inspiration Behind Roadrunner - Exclusive

Anthony Bourdain challenged the perceptions of his viewers and fans so frequently that it was part of the reason they were attracted to him. That was certainly the case for "Roadrunner" director Morgan Neville. Recently, Neville joined Mashed for an exclusive interview in which he detailed what inspired his new documentary about the lauded chef and host. Apart from the vast audience that Bourdain developed with his award-winning television shows, there is more to the reason behind why he made "Roadrunner" than just giving the people another hit of Bourdain in unseen footage.

"Anthony Bourdain is [...] an international man of mystery. And he was somebody who I always was interested in," Neville said. "I felt like he was kind of a documentary filmmaker himself and always talking about why culture connects us. I felt a real kinship with him," he added. But curiosity and similarities were only the start to Neville's desire to create the film.

Bourdain was an advocate for the underdogs

Though Anthony Bourdain hated being thought of as a television personality, it was that platform that allowed him to reach so many people. The relationship his fans developed with Bourdain granted him substantial influence over how people see the world. "He was one of the most influential voices in fighting for the power of curiosity and advocating for those things," Neville said. Without Bourdain, the light he shed on the underdogs of the world grew weaker.

"And when he died, I just felt like, it was a personal loss for people, for fans and for people who knew him, but that it was also a loss for a society, without sounding too grand about it, but that he really did have an impact with what he was doing, even though he would deny it," Neville said. "I think seeing how people reacted after he died is testament to just how deep his influence ran," he added. Bourdain made a mark on many people's lives for the better. Ultimately, that was why Neville felt "Roadrunner" needed to be made and released to those who miss Bourdain.

"Roadrunner: A Film About Anthony Bourdain," released by Focus Features and directed by Morgan Neville, is now playing in theaters.