This Viral TikTok Trend Might Change Your Mind About Tofu

If you aren't the biggest tofu fan, this TikTok trend just might convert you. Tofu waffles are all the rage on the social media platform right now, which is essentially a hack where you just put sliced up tofu pieces into a waffle maker and cook them for five to seven minutes. The result is a crispy, waffle-ironed confection that can be eaten either sweet or savory.

One fan of the recipe took to TikTok to share their method, which left their viewers in shock. One follower wrote, "Wooooooah! I'm gonna have to try that." While another added, "Omg this is DANGEROUS imagine the different kinds of seasoning/waffles you can do/make with this method." The creator of the video recommends just adding a dipping sauce to them and then they're ready to serve. But you could also add toppings like powdered sugar or even the traditional maple syrup, which will give it a deliciously sweetened flavor. 

Other benefits to making tofu into waffles

As TikTok user @tidywithspark pointed out, no water needs to be pressed out of the block of tofu for this hack, which is generally a big mistake that people overlook when cooking with the soy curd. In addition, contrary to popular belief, tofu doesn't just act as a meat substitute, it's also a great source of protein on its own. One serving of tofu has about 8 grams of protein and is only 70 calories, according to Healthline

Which means you can basically have a whole block of tofu waffles, while getting your protein intake, without feeling any guilt. For these reasons, both meat lovers and vegetarians will enjoy this dish. Like with regular waffles, you can also try adding a dash of matcha or cocoa powder, if you want to prepare this dish as a dessert or even a sweet breakfast. So, when you get a chance, try out tofu waffles and you could just find your new favorite plant-based snack.