The Real Reason Why Alfonso Ribeiro Thinks Lunches Are Sad - Exclusive

Few meals are worse than a sad lunch. Whether you're eating it deskside or at home, a sandwich made with few toppings and bad bread leaves a lot to be desired at lunchtime. But you might wonder why so many people don't seem to care enough about lunch to make it great. Alfonso Ribeiro, who you know as the host of "America's Funniest Home Videos" and from his time playing Carlton Banks on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," spoke with Mashed about just why so many lunches are sad today.

"I think ultimately, people view breakfast and dinner as the meals that they care about. Lunch is just something to add nutrition through the day," Ribeiro said. "And I would disagree with that. I think lunch is that meal that you actually should focus a bit more on," he added. But it isn't simply for making lunches better that Ribeiro thinks you should put more effort into your midday meal. It's a matter of living a healthy lifestyle too.

Alfonso Ribeiro wants to spice up your lunch

Alfonso Ribeiro thinks you should eat a better lunch for your health too. "If you're talking about being in shape, [...] that lunch meal is the one that you want to have. The solid meal, something that's a little bit more exciting than just a basic sandwich to keep on moving," he said. Lunchtime gives you the chance to refuel with time to burn off the calories that you eat.

Ribeiro also has an idea of how you can make your lunch a little more flavorful and fun. "You can add anything. But the Cheez-It Snap'd adds that little bit of extra flavor, that little bit of extra fun to jazz up your lunch just a bit more than just a regular meal," he said. Cheez-It Snap'd are baked and thinner and crispier than the classic crackers you're used to, according to the brand. Their shape makes them easier to sneak into your lunch.

If picking up a box of Cheez-It Snap'd to add to your lunch doesn't sound like enough to pick up your sad lunch, then snap a photo of your saddest sandwich and post it to Ribeiro's Facebook and Instagram pages with #snappedmysandwich for a chance to win $10,000 and a year's supply of Cheez-It Snap'd.