This Viral Employee TikTok Accused Wendy's Of Selling Expired Meat

Wendy's has been a popular brand for a long time and is a well-known name in the fast food industry. However, it hasn't always been able to avoid controversies. Recently, Wendy's was allegedly called out by its employees on TikTok for something disturbing.

According to Newsweek, a video was posted by someone who claimed to be employed with the brand. Those featured in the clip were seen dancing and the text in the video read, "When y'all realize Wendy's be serving expired meat and they be watching y'all eat it." Ouch.

This hasn't been confirmed as of now, but has managed to catch the attention of viewers. The clip has gone viral, with over 2.6 million views and plenty of comments from TikTok users. A commenter alarmingly wrote, "My mom works at Wendy's and I get to help make orders and yes, I can confirm this." Others aren't as convinced about the claims, though. 

Viewers are confused

According to Newsweek, these concerns aren't something that can be overlooked. Some TikTok users aren't confident about the claims, though. Someone wrote, "What places do y'all be working at, my Wendy's was very strict about the food they serve. I quit anyways but my point still stands, lol." Another former staff member agreed with this and wrote that they never saw anything like this happening on the job.

Newsweek says there has been no confirmation yet from Wendy's, nor from the TikTok account. Food safety is of course of paramount concern to any outlet, although using expired meat was 180 degrees from the problem Wendy's faced during the pandemic. In May last year, the chain had to take burgers off the menu at some of its restaurants after it started running out of meat during the pandemic beef shortage (via the Guardian.) As many as 1,000 Wendy's outlets had to temporarily stop serving burgers and beef-based dishes. A few outlets in Ohio, New York, and Michigan were badly affected by the meat shortage. Wendy's said, "...some of our menu items may be temporarily limited at some restaurants in this current environment."