How Pizza Led To A High Speed Police Chase In Ohio

Some people really hate it when their pizza gets cold. Taking the phrase "hot and ready" to another level, one Ohio resident was caught speeding home at a staggering 114 miles per hour on July 19 to keep his pizza at just the right temp after picking it up from a local eatery (via The Takeout). A police chase ensued that took both parties through Ohio's Logan County (via Union County Daily Digital) — an area where you can enjoy some delicious, fresh farm produce, boutique small business shopping, and some picturesque lakefront views, according to the Logan County Visitors Bureau. 

On the website, you'll also notice some absolutely delicious pizzerias that are sure to yield mouthwatering cheesy goodness. It was the allure of these pies that inspired the short yet speedy chase. Deputies attempted to pull over the driver, later identified as Wyatt Strickland, 49, of West Liberty, for the speeding violation, but he sped off. The authorities soon followed but lost the driver shortly thereafter — yet while patrolling some burnt rubber remains nearby, police were able to find a lead that brought them right to the culprit.

Police found the suspect by following the scent of burnt rubber

As it turns out, racing at a high speed, or the act of "burning rubber," smells just what it sounds like — very strong and very unpleasant. And it also lingers in the air, which is exactly how the speedy pizza man was caught, by literally not covering his tracks.

Deputies were able to trace an odor of burnt rubber at a nearby intersection all the way to Strickland's driveway where they also found his vehicle with a hood "that was hot to the touch" (per Union County Daily Digital). Strickland was arrested on failure to comply, obstructing official business, speed, and reckless opinion of a motor vehicle. 

Though he admitted to the motive — racing home to enjoy a hot pizza — and evading police to avoid a citation, he was still booked in the Logan County Jail and is awaiting sentencing. We only hope he got to at least eat it up first and has learned a very important lesson: call for delivery next time.