Michael Che's Heartwarming Take On The Relationship Between Comedy And Food

First We Feast is the creator of the YouTube streaming sensation "Hot Ones" which features big-time celebrities and big-time heat — in the form of hot sauce, that is (via ABC). In what turns out to be an episode full of laughs, you might be crying happy tears by the end as host Sean Evans presents celebrity guest and comedian Michael Che with a quote, "Humor and food are two things rich in a poor community" (via YouTube).

Asking Che what this statement means to him, the guest is visibly moved, taking a moment to express the strong sentiment associated with the subject. Che told Evans, "See, when you grow up very poor, you don't have — you can't just go to the toy store and get whatever you want, you can't just go shopping whenever you want."

Che said, while tearing up from either emotion or hot sauce: "The way we show affection is to cook and to make you laugh and that sh*t gets you through." 

Food and emotion are linked

Host Sean Evans shares that somehow, hot sauce has a way of bringing celebrities back down to earth. Evans told ABC News, "The hot sauce humanizes people you see people who are always on red carpets in front of flashing bulbs behind, you know, black car windows. And then here they are sweating their faces off, spitting in buckets and then trying to survive this freak show." Apparently, when we're all breathing fire, it's a little easier to be authentic and let the facades of fame drop. Michael Che is known for his Emmy-nominated work as head writer on "Saturday Night Live," and while we enjoy the humor, Che's statements on food reach an even deeper sentiment in many of us.

Like laughter, it is well-documented that food is linked to emotion. Registered dietitian nutritionist Wesley Delbridge explains, "We're realizing our gut talks to our brain and it can have huge effects on our mood and the emotions we experience," he said. "If your gut is happy, then you're going to be more happy," (via USA Today). Che's share is a good reminder, that there are many paths to happiness and money can't necessarily buy it all.