Alex Guarnaschelli Says Chopped Contestants Should Never Feed This To Chris Santos

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli is a "Chopped" veteran judge. Her extensive experience with mystery box meals as well as her own challenges as a contestant have provided her with some perspective of what works — and what doesn't. Ever helpful with her fans on Twitter, Guarnaschelli recently replied to fan Scott Smith as he detailed some of the viewer FAQs of the series. "When we know you're getting chopped: 1. When you make risotto. 2. When you fail to get to the ice cream machine or the fryer first. 3. When you wrap everything in a tortilla and tell Aaron Sanchez it's a damn taco," wrote Smith.

While fans know that these ideas can get you on the chopping block as quickly as a heavy hand with the truffle oil, Chef Guarnaschelli shares that these aren't necessarily hard-and-fast rules. "Like I've said many times before, the ice cream machine can be used more than twice in a round. Risotto can be done right to but it takes a lot of focus and energy. It's simple but hard dish," replied the celebrity chef.

But this isn't the end of her advice.

Don't give Chris Santos a bahn mi

Alex Guarnaschelli also warned "Chopped" fans and potential contestants, "General note also: don't give @SantosCooks a Banh mi. #chopped @FoodNetwork" (via Twitter). Should viewers take that to mean Chef Santos hates banh mi sandwiches? 

In fact, it's quite the opposite. Sharing in an interview with Parade, Santos was asked about his favorite food. "Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, although a serious burger also gets me every time," he said. At his restaurant Vandal, Chef Santos was even known to have a "banh mi'eatball slider," featuring pate, pork, pickled carrots and chiles (via Eater). The issue is, when you have a favorite food, it's all the more devastating when someone ruins that dish. It's like excitement and disappointment all laid out on a single plate.

As for dislikes, however, the celebrity judge's tastes are quite well-known. Adding to the list of advice, fan Stefanie Williams also adds, "Red onions for Scott is a big no-no. The ratio of rice noodles to broth is ALWAYS off. Just using one of the ingredients as a 'garnish.' Not grinding tough meat like pork shoulder" (via Twitter).