Chrissy Teigen's Sweet New Popcorn Seasonings Are Turning Heads

Yesterday, Chrissy Teigen unveiled her new selection of sweet popcorn seasonings on Instagram. "You guys loved the last popcorn flavors so we done made more!!" the post exclaimed. 

The launch features two packs, one for sweet flavors and the other for savory. The sweet flavor lineup consists of chocolate chip cookie dough, blueberry muffin, and maple doughnuts. For the savory, you have ranch, smoky tangy BBQ, and a parmesan and black pepper combo. For $22.00, you can get either a savory or sweet pack containing three bottles of 3.4 ounces from the Cravings' website. They do not come in single bottles, however, so $7.33 per bottle may seem rather expensive for the non-fan.

Since it is a Chrissy Teigen product launch, the response has been overwhelmingly popular. As of writing, the post has received 77,000 likes and a broadly positive comments section along the lines of "Yum!" and requests for even more seasonings. There are negative cries of "Too soon!" and "No." These, though, are shouted down by an equal amount of positivity from fans who can't wait to get their hands on a pack.

Who wouldn't love popcorn seasoning?

Some may wonder why a person would complain that these popcorn seasonings have come too soon. After all, getting worked up over yet more seasoning seems like a petty thing to do, even for social media. The issue, as you might imagine, is not that Teigen is releasing more flavors. Rather, it is that she is doing so while still under the pall of a social media controversy.

Two days ago, Vanity Fair wrote about how Chrissy Teigen had recently been "canceled" due to the bullying messages she had sent to people in 2011 resurfacing this May. Both model and singer Courtney Stodden and former "Project Runway" contestant Michael Costello shared their experiences getting harassed or online bullied by Teigen. Teigen apologized but still later joked that she might be part of the cancel club forever. Evidently, she got over that.