Starbucks Just Made This Big Commitment To Fighting Hunger In The US

Food insecurity is unfortunately a very real problem in the United States. In 2019, more than 35 million people lived in a food insecure household, and those numbers have soared to more than 42 million people, including about 13 million children, in the past year due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Feeding America. While these numbers may seem daunting, non-profit organizations such as Feeding America have been increasing their efforts to provide food to those in need through their network of food banks and pantries across the country.

Since 2016, Starbucks has also partnered with the organization to help aid in hunger relief through their FoodShare program. Through this platform, $2.69 million has been invested in food bank mobile pantries and $1 million dollars has been donated directly to the non-profit (via Feeding America). Now, the popular coffee chain has decided to expand these efforts even more to make a greater impact in 2021 and the future.

Starbucks is committing 100% of its stores to the FoodShare program

In response to the growing need, Starbucks has just announced that all of their locations will be taking part in the FoodShare program nationwide. The company posted the following statement on Twitter: "100% of our US company-owned stores are now donating food to local food banks through our FoodShare program with @FeedingAmerica." They later added, "We believe we have a responsibility to help strengthen the communities we serve and are partnering with Feeding America to expand our hunger relief efforts and a focus on equitable access to nutritious food."

Through this expanded program, Starbucks has committed to reinvesting $100 million to help support hunger relief over the next decade, as well as donating $1.7 million to Feeding America, according to Starbucks Stories

"Starbucks has been fighting against hunger alongside Feeding America since 2016 and continually looks for innovative ways to address the persistent problem of food insecurity. We are proud to announce our expanded investment with Feeding America in new solutions like mobile food pantries that bring healthy meals closer to those who need it most," Starbucks Vice President of Global Social Impact and Executive Director of The Starbucks Foundation Virginia Tenpenny said of their partnership, via Feeding America.