Nearly 27% Agree This Is The Worst White Claw Flavor

Those of us who enjoy White Claw will probably remember the exact time and place when we first took a sip and fell in love. Since the drink was launched in 2016, White Claw has gone from strength to strength, becoming the inexpensive, gluten-free, low-alcohol hard seltzer of choice for a crowd looking beyond the binary choice offered of wine or beer. After all, the distinctive can is more than just a refreshing poolside drink on a hot summer's day; the fact that it is perceived to be a healthier alternative to other alcoholic beverages out there has helped too. As industry analyst Bryan Spillane put it, "It's aspirational. It's the whole low-carb, keto-friendly, CrossFit life" (via The Washington Post).

It's been five years after it was launched, and White Claw still holds the lion's share of the seltzer market. It combines with rival brand Truly to represent 75% of all hard seltzers consumed (via Business Insider). But apparently, not all White Claws are created equal. Nor are they enjoyed the same way by everyone. So Mashed conducted a survey with 589 respondents in the U.S. to assess which flavor is considered the worst pick of the pack.

These are the White Claw flavors people enjoy the least

Standard White Claws come in 11 flavors that include Black Cherry Mango, Watermelon, Natural Lime, Ruby Grapefruit, Raspberry, Lemon, Tangerine, Strawberry, Blackberry, and Pineapple (via the White Claw website). They've got a line of drinks with a higher ABV, too – those come in Blood Orange and Cranberry. And that doesn't even get into the ice tea varieties. While White Claw fans will probably say that having a can is better than having none at all, fans tell Mashed in a special survey that they have not only have favorites – they also have flavors that they would pass up on compared to the rest.

On the top of that list of least liked White Claws was Ruby Grapefruit, which 26.99% of drinkers named as the worst. This was followed by Natural Lime, which received 14.77% of the votes. Another 14.26% said never mind to Black Cherry, and 13.58% of respondents said they were meh on Mango. Taking up the rear of least disliked flavors (you could also call them "most liked" flavors, depending on whether you're a half-empty or half-full kind of person) were Raspberry (4.07%), Tangerine (5.09%), Lemon (9.51%), and Watermelon (11.71%).