Nigella Lawson Turns Popular Cocktail Into Jelly And Twitter Is Here For It

Prolific cookbook writer and culinary show host Nigella Lawson recently tweeted an eye-catching, cocktail-inspired dessert (via Twitter), and her fans are into it. The dessert is a Gin and Tonic Jelly. The chef wrote that the jelly is a "21-year-old recipe of mine that continues to make me smile!"

The recipe for Gin and Tonic jelly is featured in her book, "How to be a Domestic Goddess" (via Nigella's website). On her site, Lawson explains that part of being a Domestic Goddess is the "unexpressed 'I' that is a cross between Sophia Loren and Debbie Reynolds in pink cashmere cardigan and fetching gingham pinny (short for pinafore), a weekend alter-ego winning adoring glances and endless approbation from anyone who has the good fortune to eat in her kitchen."

Of course, if you can pull off the Gin and Tonic jelly, you'll likely get more than endless approbation — you may even land the coveted dessert slot at the next potluck dinner!

Why the Gin and Tonic jelly is a smart play

When we saw Nigella Lawson's tweet featuring her Gin and Tonic jelly, we immediately recognized the importance of this dessert. This is the high-class alternative to a Jell-O shot! Not only is this boozy dessert loaded with fun, but it is pretty enough to serve at a bridal shower, and unlike the plastic cups of liquored-up gelatin that get passed around at a kegger, this is a cocktail dessert Aunt Helen might get on board with.

Another key feature of Lawson's recipe is that it allows for some flexibility. Gin and Tonic jelly calls for one cup of gin, per Nigella's website, but one follower responded to the chef on Twitter, explaining that they weren't keen on gin and asking if they could substitute vodka or white rum. Lawson's reply? "Yes indeed!" Lawson also pointed out in her tweet that "you can replace white currants that adorn it with raspberries or any other berries of your choice." Our choice might just be Southern Living's Tipsy Berries.