TikTok Is Furious At McDonald's Over This Dipping Sauce Delivery. Here's Why

McDonald's is a giant in the world of fast food. Think about it, the brand began its journey back in the 1950s with one simple restaurant in California, and now has over 36,000 locations in different countries around the world. You're also in for a treat no matter where you visit a McDonald's outlet because you'll probably find something truly unique to that chain, according to Reader's Digest. For example, pop into a restaurant in the Middle East for local flavors and order the McFalafel and McKebab in Israel for a surprise.

As a renowned international company, McDonald's is also trying to be a lot more serious about the environment. As reported by the BBC, the brand wants to achieve total sustainability by 2025 and ensure that all its products are packaged using recycled items. However, its plans are definitely facing a few roadblocks along the way. According to a TikTok user, a recent delivery from McDonald's led to unnecessary waste, something that has angered many viewers.

Social media users thought the packaging was excessive

The TikTok user claimed that she accidentally ordered a packet of sauce from McDonald's via Uber Eats and forgot to add other items to her cart. She was taken aback when she received her order — it was carefully packed using several layers and was in a massive brown bag (via Newsweek.) This didn't make sense at all considering that she just ordered dipping sauce from the restaurant. She shot a video of the entire thing from start to finish and wrote, "I am truly sorry I thought I also ordered a burger." She added, "All I wanted was a burger and some sauce for the fries. Here we are, cancelled for hating trees."

Other TikTok users were appalled by this. One of her followers wrote, "This is funny but the waste of bags." Another commenter noted, "Is really no one talking about the amount of waste?" Meanwhile, a few wondered whether the video clip was fake. A quick glance at the brand's website indicates that McDonald's does want to handle packaging as responsibly as possible. It states, "We understand that recycling infrastructure, regulations and consumer behaviors vary from city to city and country to country, but we plan to be part of the solution and help influence powerful change."