TikTok Is Losing It Over This Hilarious Family Cake Tradition

Cake flipping is just as anxiety-inducing as it sounds, yet TikTok users are eating it up. This video by @thebigdognation20 has gone absolutely viral, with over 20 million views. In the social media post, family members are tossing full-sized cakes into the air, to have it land facing up in the person's arms. People in the comments were in complete awe of how the cake was successfully caught nearly every single time.

The video even caught the attention of popular TikTok creators like Justine and Tinx. The latter TikTok influencer commented, "How can I join the family," which 639 other users liked in agreement. The account then posted a series of other videos with even more family members doing the iconic "cake flip," because the one post wasn't long enough to include them all. The family also released a video that introduced "the cousins behind the cake flips." And at this point, not only did we fall in love with this unique tradition, but also the family that created it.

How did the cake flipping tradition start?

The account then released a video that revealed how this unusual, celebratory custom came to be. In this post, it explained how the tradition was a result of "a couple of cousins, some beers, and a dare." With 20 grandchildren, the family has a lot of celebrations, thus providing many reasons to flip a cake whenever something big happens.

Another concern the account received was in regards to how nervous cake flipping would make the commenter. In reply to that, @thebigdognation20 simply agreed that, "it makes Mimi nervous too," and proceeded to post a clip of a blindfolded chocolate cake flip. If you're a nervous individual, you might feel your pulse quicken as you watch the video, but don't knock it until you try it. If you need a list of cakes to try this practice out with, we got you covered with these cake recipes. And if they manage to survive the flip, you can eat them, but that's just a bonus!