The Worst Grocery Store Private Label According To 25% Of People

Walmart is known for selling house goods and foods at affordable prices and has remained the largest U.S. employer for years, according to the Chicago Sun-Times. However, as reflected in the myriad of memes on the internet making fun of the store and the pop culture phrase of "Walmart version," which is used to refer to a cheaper, often less desirable copy of popular products, Walmart never seems to get any love. 

Mashed recently conducted a survey of 593 U.S. residents to find out which grocery chain had the worst private label and a whopping 25.80% voted for Walmart's Great Value brand. Aldi store brands weren't too popular either, with 22.26% of respondents rating it as their least favorite, followed by H.E.B.'s Hill Country Fair with 19.06% responses. Target's Good and Gather and Market Pantry sat in the middle, with 14.67% of votes. Kroger and Whole Foods' 365 were generally well-liked with only 9.78% and 8.43% of voters ranking their brands as the worst, respectively. 

What's so bad about Walmart's Great Value?

Great Value is appropriately named — we'll give Walmart that. CBS News already crowned Walmart as the grocery store with the best prices for their products, and its Great Value is no exception. According to Best Life, you can get a whole bottle of olive oil from Great Value for just $5. So in terms of pricing, Walmart would definitely win this competition. Walmart also revamped its Great Value brand back in 2009, in order to enhance the quality of its products and to expand the types of goods it offers, according to the company's website

There are even Great Value diehard fans out there, with one Quora user raving about the private label's pinwheel cookies. So, perhaps it's the stigma behind Walmart or just the larger fanbase of its competitors that caused Great Value's ratings to be so low. However, this shouldn't prevent one from picking up any of the brand's discount items — give those pinwheel cookies a try!