Viral TikTok Will Have You Debating Which Bagel Is The Better Version

If you're from one of the bagel capitals of the world, you know how to tell a good, fluffy bagel apart from a not-so-good, flat one. But we all know that New Jerseyans take their bagels extra seriously, and this TikTok just goes to show it.

A recently posted TikTok by eatwithjeej depicts a bagel with cream cheese being spread "normally" with a knife on one side. Then, the video jumps to another bagel, reportedly from a New Jersey store, in which an ice cream scoop is used for the same process. If you're obsessed with cream cheese, you already know which bagel is the winner. However, as you can probably tell, the video sparked quite a bit of controversy, with one user audaciously commenting, "Am I the only one that would rather the first one??" Though the comment received over 33,000 likes, it got lots of replies in disagreement. Another commenter on the opposing side of the argument wrote, "First bagel: straight to jail," which also stimulated plenty of discourse.

Which bagel is actually right?

We'll admit, this is the first time we've seen an ice cream scoop used to distribute cream cheese onto a bagel. But that doesn't mean it's for everyone. Bagel and cream cheese are a duo just like spaghetti and meatballs, and with this innovative strategy, you really do get the most efficient ratio of the two. But for some, cream cheese should just be a condiment to the bagel, rather than an equal. Thus, the first method might be preferable, because you get the most even, smooth spread that is missed in the second.

So which bagel is actually the winner? The answer, of course, is your own preference. But that can't mean we can't have any healthy debate over which preference is better, just like Long Islanders and New Jerseyans will always vie for the title of having the best bagels. And, sorry to the New York Times, but we can all agree that California bagels won't ever be included in the argument.