TikTok Is Divided On This Garbage Disposal Cleaning Hack

To the shock of absolutely no one, the garbage disposal sometimes smells like ... well, garbage. It probably looks that way, too. Naturally, this leaves people trying all sorts of methods to make the all-important appliance less stinky. So it makes sense that TikTok is currently going bananas over a garbage disposal cleaning hack that has raked in nearly 200,000 likes. The video shows the TikToker following instructions she found on another video to clean her personal disposal, which involves no fancy cleaners to get the job done. 

All you need is some ice, hot water, and a spoon to shove it all down the drain. To the sheer joy of the social media user, the process causes all kinds of grossness to start bubbling up, leading her to exclaim, "Oh my God, it's actually working, are you kidding me?!" Some commenters reacted with similar thrill, while others seem to be horrified by the process. 

TikTok's varied reactions to garbage disposal cleaning hack

Some people applauded the TikToker for publicizing this little-known, but apparently time-honored hack. However, a few offered their own edits to the process. Users suggested that next time she add in a little baking soda and vinegar, both known disinfectants. Another user wrote, "Key tip, I do the same but I pour bleach over the ice, along with lemon peels, cleans it every time!!!!" A different user commented that this is an old plumber trick that also has the added bonus of sharpening the blades. But for all of the warm-fuzzies, there are plenty of people who think this method is straight up crazy. 

Many people were disgusted by the Coca-Cola or tea-like appearance of the disposal water, while others wondered whether or not the hack was actually doing anything. "I'm not sure how it would clean it because you brought all that up to go right back down," said one user. But above all else, people seemed really peeved that the TikTok user wasted so much ice. One user said, "Me as an ice lover just thinking about all that ice you wasted." After another commenter made a similar observation, the poster herself admitted that she realized after the recording that "all that [ice] was not necessary." However, if you're willing to forfeit a little bit of your frozen cubes and hot water, this could be your new favorite way to clean the garbage disposal.