Starbucks Summer Game Has Officially Returned For 2021. Here's What You Need To Know

As of July 21, the annual Starbucks Summer Game has begun. Until August 22, Starbucks Rewards members can enter to win a variety of sweepstakes and instant win game prizes.

As explained in the official rules, all you need to do to enter into the contest is sign in with your Rewards membership on the game's website, which nets you one free play. Further chances to play are gained by either using your app or rewards membership while making a purchase at Starbucks or completing a submission form online. Each chance will either be for a sweepstakes win or an instant game win, and you can only play twice per day. 

Once entered, there are a series of stages to the game, each with their own chance of winning a prize. The games, Delish writes, are styled as digital plinko drops, in which a balls descends through a series of prongs to land in a prize category.

These are the prizes you could win

So, how many people will actually win prizes? The rules explain that 20 Rewards members will win three month's worth of free standard-size drinks (one each day between October 1 and December 31). 150 other winners will receive 10,000 bonus stars added to their Rewards Account. Then, in perhaps the only prize to entice people not interested in Starbucks coffee to join the Rewards program, 240 Summer Game players will win a pair of Bose Frames Soprano audio sunglasses.

The Instant Game prizes follow a similar theme: 2,900 Rainbow Bling Cups (which Totally the Bomb reported were part of the brand's 2020 Pride collection), 2,750 Dragonfruit floaties, 1,000 bonus stars for 5,000 entrants, 240 Bose bluetooth speakers, and an assortment of other Starbucks gift cards and coupons. If you love Starbucks, these prizes will likely entice you into playing this year's Summer Game.