People Can't Believe This Viral NYC Pizzeria Brawl

There comes a time when there is no coming back from "hangry." That thing you said was a little too true or you have pushed the envelope just a bit too far. While it might not have been "hanger" that caused the latest brawl in a Brooklyn pizzeria, it was certainly a fight to put many bar brawls to shame.

In a video taken by John Mink on Twitter, there are only a handful of details that are incredibly clear to viewers. The first is that what appeared to be a group of customers went from standing around in front of the pizza display to throwing fists inside the kitchen without an actual argument escalating before punches were thrown. What happens next is a lot to process, but the kitchen crew certainly used everything they had to fight back with moves that would likely have made Anthony Bourdain proud. Not only was a ladle wielded at the angry group of men, but a pizza peel was even cracked over someone's head. Even the tip jar went flying. But why?

This is what people think the brawl was about

Naturally, there were a lot of theories and ideas on social media as to what could have caused such a fight to blow up out of what looked like nothing. According to 1079ishot, someone on Twitter joked that the customers asked for pineapple on their pizza. However, the most popular theory behind what could have caused such a scene was that the customers were $0.75 short of the $5 minimum to use a credit or debit card. It seems a slice comes to $4.25 and clearly, this guy did not want to simply buy another slice (or even a soda).

In another video of the same fight by @emace94, just when it appears that the fight it winding down, one man from the group picks up a metal pie pan, sending the slices to the floor, seemingly hitting someone from the kitchen staff with the pan. Of course, things pick up again after that move.

While this pizzeria fight has gone viral for probably more reasons than one, the conversations had by the bystanders and video-takers were just as hilarious as the fight itself. One guy in John Mink's video says he has paid for his pizza and that he still wants to get it even as a friend tries to tell him otherwise. If you have not given the multiple versions a watch, you definitely should.