Here's Where To Get The Famous Pancake Cake From RHOBH

If you're wondering where Sutton Stracke got the cake from the "Affairs and Accidents" episode of "RHOBH" Season 11, you're in luck because according to Bravo, the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star has revealed all the details. After the episode aired, fans quickly took to Twitter to express their curiosity about the dessert Stracke served, which she referred to as a "pancake cake." Enough fans asked for the recipe that Stracke decided to make a whole Instagram video about it. "I just have a confession to make, from last week's episode, about the pancake cake," she began the video, "I did not make that. And apparently it's not called a pancake cake, it's called a crêpe cake."

Stracke explains that it's from a bakery called Lady M, and her assistant Joshua ordered it from the LA location. Lady M is a New York City-based upscale bakery, with locations worldwide, and it's famous for their Mille Crêpes. According to the Lady M menu, each Mille Crêpes consists of "no less than twenty paper-thin handmade crêpes layered with ethereal light pastry cream." The top of the cake is caramelized, which Stracke said is really crunchy, but only when you first slice into it.

The cake costs $95 at Lady M

The 9" cake Sutton Stracke ordered from Lady M costs $95, which is definitely on the pricey side for a dessert. However, it was apparently so good that she was happy to use her Instagram video as an excuse to buy another one, even if it was only her and her assistant eating it. "It's tea time, so I thought we could have some so y'all could see," she explained as she showed off the cake.

As Bravo notes, "Real Housewives" is known for featuring extravagant desserts. But because Stracke's cake appears to be more simplistic in appearance, it makes sense that most fans assumed the pancake cake was homemade. Stracke has never been one to disappoint viewers, and she clarified in her video that she plans to share her own version of the recipe once she's able to figure one out. "I did find a recipe for crêpe cake, but I'm going to make a recipe for pancake cake, because that sounds delicious," she stated in her video.

While you're waiting for Stracke to share her recipe, you can always dine at Lady M in person. They also sell their cakes by the slice, which means you can still have a taste of the "frickin gorgeous" cake without having to casually drop $95.