PEZ's Myth Busting Response To Viral TikTok Hack Has People Talking

The internet was blown away yet again this week when a TikTok video demonstrating a seemingly ingenious way to quickly load up a PEZ dispenser went viral. The clip, which was originally shared by user @sonn1c, showed the TikToker loading a full package of the iconic brick-shaped candies, wrapper and all, into the bottom of the novelty gadget, pushing the empty shaft upwards. The user then pushed it back down, perfectly filling the dispenser with candy while shedding its colorful packaging along the way.

Needless to say, people were amazed by the brilliant hack, as many said that they'd been loading the candies into the dispenser one by one. Some even went as far as to call PEZ out for not promoting the simple method, with one user wondering if the company enjoyed "watching us suffer while carefully placing each candy." This, as it turns out, is far from the case. After catching wind of the viral video, the Austrian candy brand responded with a video of their own to set the record straight on how to load candy into their famous dispensers.

This is the proper way to load a PEZ dispenser, according to the company

If @sonn1c's incredible PEZ-loading method had you scrambling to buy your first dispenser in years, we hate to break it to you, but this trick is far from possible. A video shared to the PEZ company's official TikTok and Instagram pages on July 29, debunked the trick by showing off the actual "proper way" to fill up the gadget. "Myth Busters: you can't load a wrapped #PEZ candy roll from the bottom," the company wrote alongside the demonstrative video in which someone is seen pulling out the shaft of the dispenser before removing the wrapper from a package of PEZ candies. With the entire stack secured between their thumb and index finger, the demonstrator proceeds to load them all into the gadget at once — a feat that, though not quite as cool, was still impressive to fans. 

"I was today years old....." one person wrote. "That's some serious skills!" commented another fan. Others begged the candy brand to reconfigure the age-old design of their dispenser — which Smithsonian Magazine says was invented in 1942 — by removing the bottom of the dispenser to make the TikTok trick a reality, but unfortunately, it looks like that can't be done. "The bottom houses the springs for delivery," the company wrote in response to one fan calling for the update. Looks like this miraculous "hack" is going to stay filed in the "debunked" folder forever.