The Best Runner-Up In Hell's Kitchen History, According To Fans

A popular show on television, "Hell's Kitchen" has managed to impress fans for several years. According to The Things, "Hell's Kitchen" is believed to be one of the most successful shows from notable chef Gordon Ramsay. The TV series is an intense watch, though. Several talented chefs engage in fierce cooking battles to bag a gig at Ramsay's eatery coupled with a cash prize worth $250,000. Not only do the participants have to find a way to impress with their dishes, they also need to cook for Ramsay who's known to be hard-to-please.

Also, here's something interesting: The participants are constantly under scrutiny and have to come up with innovative methods to cope on "Hell's Kitchen." For example, singing loudly helps keep the cameras at bay. After all, the network cannot afford to pay the rights for a popular song, so it's a reliable way to ensure that you get some time to yourself.

Fans are hooked to the TV show and are constantly discussing it on platforms like Reddit. An interesting thread explored the most promising ex-contestants on "Hell's Kitchen."

Kevin Cottle is missed by fans

Chef Kevin Cottle made an impression on "Hell's Kitchen" with his marvelous cooking skills, coming out on top of a runner-up poll on Reddit in July 2021. The chef was a part of the sixth season. As per a Reddit AMA that the chef participated in eight years prior, it's particularly difficult to do well on the show with so much pressure on you. "On one side you have Gordon screaming at you, on the other side you have teammates that want times and you are also focusing on what you are doing. It's easy to mess up...," Cottle explained.

That said, the chef definitely knew what he was doing on the show. As a runner-up, he did prove his mettle in more ways than one. And fans agree. A viewer praised the chef and wrote, "Good challenges, good finale, consistent on the line, fantastic services, great leader." Meanwhile, another commentator wrote that Kevin was incredibly good, but unlucky to be competing against an incredibly strong competitor like Dave Levey.