Trader Joe's Fans Are So Excited For Its New Breadless Breakfast Sandwich

It started when the Trader Joe's List Instagram account posted a photo of what we're guessing was about to become breakfast — Trader Joe's Eggwich Breadless Breakfast Sandwich. "A good morning option that's packed with protein and zero bread! I'm sitting here looking at the packaging and my stomach is growling!" the account wrote. Less than 24 hours later, almost 30,000 fans had weighed in with likes and comments.

The recently introduced breadless breakfast sandwich consists of a turkey sausage patty and American cheese between two egg patties (no bun or English muffin). The Instagram user thewritingguru wrote: "Had them for breakfast this morning and they were amazing!!!" Malamutesinmanayunk cited good results cooking them in an air fryer. Probably good advice given the number of respondents, like Ifanningrn, who weren't thrilled with the microwave cooking option: "Microwave directions are not good! Followed them and the eggs and sausage were still cold. The longer I cooked them the rubbier the eggs were."

Trader Joe's List is not officially affiliated with Trader Joe's, but the poster had a suggestion for the grocer: "I would love if #traderjoes made a @justegg version. Fingers crossed that becomes a reality soon!"

Eggwiches are good, but only two are included

In a separate Instagram post, traderjoesfoodreviews gave the Eggwich an overall score of eight out of 10 on a scale of one to 10, noting an aversion to ordering fast food breakfast sandwiches "because of unhealthy then can be."

Commenting on Trader Joe's List's post, diannelryan's two-word comment summed up the most commonly expressed concern about Trader's Joe's Eggwich: "Hi (sic) sodium," the poster wrote, adding a sad-face emoji. It's a valid point. One Eggwich contains 610 grams of sodium. That's almost 27% of the recommended daily allowance (via FDA).

Plus, lots of the people, including tradersjoesreviews, said they wished Trader Joe's packed more than two Eggwiches into each box. Quick interpretation — if they could, they probably would eat at least two of the tasty breakfast sandwiches. "I also wish there were more in a box! 2 eggwiches come in the package, and while it says that a serving size is one, I would definitely eat two easily for breakfast. I overall really liked these little sandwiches and would definitely eat them again after a workout!" Trader Joe's Eggwiches are available in boxes of two for $4.99.