Reddit Is Losing It Over This Hilarious 'Spicy' Food Request

Some people love a good curry, but can't handle the heat — even if it's just a yellow curry, the mildest of all the different types of curry out there (via Giant of Siam). So what's a sensitive palate with a craving for turmeric and spices to do? Why, let the restaurant know, of course. And while many people might simply request their order mild, not too spicy, or not spicy at all, one restaurant patron put in a hilarious request that has Reddit in tears.

Under the heading "Someone doesn't like spicy food," Redditor @MrCrawley57 posted a screenshot of an order ticket for a yellow chicken curry. There was already a request to make it mild. But to really emphasize the point, in case it wasn't clear enough just how mild they wanted the dish to be, the order goes on to specify (and we're going to guess this was taken down verbatim) that, "My friend cannot handle spice. Like it needs to be white white person mild ... Like a party with the [prophet] of the Mormon Church mild."

Reddit's reaction runs the gamut

Several Redditors found the quest hilarious. Responses included "LMAO HAHAHHA" and "As a former Mormon, this made me cackle." Several could clearly relate. One person posted, "Me when I'm ordering for my mother in law who finds mint too spicy" while another wrote, "NGL that's kinda me." Several people pointed out a rather obvious point, with one commenting, "I busted a gut laughing. Then don't get the curry my man or have drinks on the side ready." Just don't drink water, as it won't help with the pain from the spice. Another Redditor also had some good advice for trying to counter the unwanted heat. "Break out the palm sugar and lime juice then ... Fat, acid and sugar are the way to go when trying to counter capsaicin heat."

There are also tricks to cool your mouth after eating something spicy, like having some dairy, something acidic, or some starch. Yogurt is a good option and is often enjoyed with Indian food for that very reason. And if that still doesn't work, then perhaps they should try some Japanese curry instead, which is even milder and sweeter.