Guy Fieri Approves Of This TikTok Food Theory

TikTok has taken the food world by storm, with all sorts of food trends popping up in 2020 — pancake cereal, anyone? In fact, when TikTok published its "Year on TikTok: Top 100" for 2020, it included "Such a Snack: Top food recipes, trends, and hacks" as a category, which goes to just how popular food-related TikToks have become.

And while many food TikToks tend to be of the recipe or hack variety, every now and then, a food theory sneaks through, whether or not anyone asked for one. Such is the case with TikToker @Dablegs, who posted a somewhat controversial theory: "Pasta is a salad, someone had to say it so I will." He went on to explain, "Every food that you eat can be classified as either a soup, a sandwich, or a salad ... A salad is a mixture of vegetables, fruits, or nuts. Soup is any food that requires a liquid base to it. A sandwich is a food item that is enclosed or partially enclosed by a starch."

Accordingly, pouring cereal in milk makes it a soup, a soup-filled bread bowl is a sandwich, a breaded chicken breast is a sandwich, and a hamburger lettuce wrap counts as a salad, said @Dablegs.

The Mayor of Flavortown approves

Not everyone agrees with this theory, but Guy Fieri apparently does. Not only did the @Flavortown account tweet, "Every single food is either a soup, sandwich, or salad" while reposting @Dablegs' Tiktok, but then @GuyFieri doubled down by retweeting the Flavortown tweet. Perhaps recognizing that his opinion, and the underlying food theory, maybe a bit on the wild side of things, Guy Fieri also included in his tweet an image of his face superimposed over that of Charlie from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" from the meme-worthy Season 4 scene where Charlie was convinced he had stumbled upon a vast conspiracy regarding the existence of one Pepe Silvia while he was working in a corporate mailroom.

The comments to the two tweets largely consist of different people asking how different foods would be categorized — for example, a commenter said a pizza would be considered an open-faced sandwich. Burger King even jumped into the discussion, declaring its chili cheese bite a sandwich. Not convinced? Maybe we need Gordon Ramsay to opine on this theory as part of a Gordon Reacts TikTok, which was after all one of the top ten food trends on TikTok for 2020. Whatever his reaction, we're sure he won't be shy about expressing it.